Prepare Your Home For an Electric Vehicle With a Home Charging Station

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For decades now, we’ve been familiar with electric technologies— especially devices that require batteries to operate. Existing for almost as long is the rechargeable battery, the very thing that makes the modern electric vehicle (EV) possible! And unlike those RC cars we remember from childhood, the much larger battery of a modern EV takes a good bit of juice to recharge.

Thankfully, in regard to keeping your EV’s battery charged, there’s an increasing number of high-power public charging stations in the Saint Clair Shores area—but that being said, it’s extremely convenient to be able to plug-in and charge your EV at home. Keep reading for some helpful steps and suggestions when it comes to EV home charging stations, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Deciding On a Charging Type/Level

Allow us to help you begin your EV research path with some information regarding the different charging types, also called levels. Overall, most EV and charging station providers adhere to a three-tier system, the third (and highest) only being available at public charging stations, typically. The first two levels, however, are commonly found in home charging setups.

For reference, Level 1 charging stations provide the slowest recharge, often taking more than 24 hours to achieve a full charge. Level 2 stations charge at a significantly faster rate, and take only a few hours to fully recharge your EV. As you may have guessed, installing a Level 2 charging station in your home is the optimal charging solution.

Find Your Breaker Board & Assess Avg. Consumption

Your home’s breaker board, also referred to as a power panel, is usually found in the garage, assuming your home has a garage. Opening it should reveal a printed sticker that reads the amperage rating for the board. This is the maximum amount of current flow allowed by the panel. For reference, most new homes are built with a 100 Amp power panel.

After you’ve located and learned a bit about the breaker board, next comes making an assessment of your typical power usage. The goal in doing so is making sure that the addition of a level 1 or 2 home charging station won’t overload your home’s electrical system. A quick internet search will turn up guides for completing an average power consumption test.

Hire an Electrician

Hiring an electrician is quite possibly one of the smartest choices you could make in the process of installing an electric vehicle home charging station in your Macomb Township residence. A reputable, licensed electrician will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to properly install any needed electrical components or upgrades, and the cash spent on this endeavor now could save you a ton of money in electrical repairs to your home in the future, if not to your vehicle.

Once you purchase your preferred home charging station, it’s wise to have your chosen electrician install and verify the functionality of the unit.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your Sterling Heights area cruising with the impressive torque and reduced carbon footprint of an EV, then it’s time to reach out to your friends at Moran Chevrolet, Inc.! Our team of Chevrolet product experts are increasingly enthusiastic about electric vehicle technology, and we’re excited to share their knowledge with you! It all starts with browsing our inventory of EV and hybrid vehicles online and exploring our reference materials for deciding between an EV or a hybrid.

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