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Chevy Tire Pressure Guide

For many Sterling Heights drivers, tire pressure is an extremely important part of Chevy maintenance. However, most Macomb Township drivers don’t always think of or know to check the tire pressure, as the downfall of an underinflated tire isn’t always immediate.

Tire pressure recommendations can vary based on the model, trim level, and tire size of a vehicle. Be sure to double-check with your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure, and remember to check your tire pressure regularly in order to optimize safety for you and your Saint Clair Shores passengers. Here is a look at recommended tire pressure for the most popular Chevrolet models. For many Chevy vehicles, 35 psi is the magic number, but we’ll get more specific. We’ll also go over the importance of tire maintenance.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Equinox

What is the max tire pressure for the Chevy Equinox? The recommended Chevrolet Equinox tire pressure is 35 psi (pounds per square inch) for all four tires. Be sure to consistently check the tire pressure, as underinflated or overinflated tires can affect fuel economy and handling.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Traverse

The recommended tire pressure for a Chevy Traverse is 35 psi for all four wheels. Be sure to properly inflate your tires for the safety of yourself and Sterling Heights pedestrians. This recommendation might change with the introduction of the redesigned Traverse for the 2024 model year.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Bolt EUV

Electric vehicles present an interesting situation when it comes to tire pressure because their batteries make the overall vehicle weight higher than gas vehicles with similar body styles. That’s why the Chevy Bolt EUV has a recommended tire pressure of 38 psi.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Camaro

This high-performance muscle car doesn’t vary much from other Chevrolet models when it comes to recommended tire pressure. For the Chevy Camaro, 35 psi is recommended.

Tire Pressure for the Chevy Tahoe

For the full-size Chevy Tahoe, the recommended tire pressure is 35 psi. However, if you’re carrying a full capacity of cargo and passengers, you can bump that number up as high as 38 psi to accommodate the extra weight.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Malibu

The recommended Chevy Malibu tire pressure also varies depending on the model and trim level. However, the recommended level is generally between 32 and 35 psi.

Tire Pressure for Chevy Bolt

The recommended Chevy Bolt tire pressure is 36 psi for all four tires. The correct tire pressure helps to ensure optimal handling, fuel efficiency, and tire wear.

Chevy Silverado Tire Pressure Levels

Generally, the PSI for the Chevy Silverado is 35 PSI for the front and for the back tires. Another way to double-check would be to check the door of the truck. You should also check your tire pressure once a month.

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